Donation plugin for mybb


Status: work in progress

Current version: 3.0.6

Upcoming version : 4.0.0

Hey, Currently working on a new version of my donation plugin but due to the time constrain, relasing of the new version will take a while, the list of new features is not final yet, feel free to send me your proposals


Planned features:


compiling php without mysqlnd on freebsd

Compiling php from ports on freebsd will not show an option to disable mysqlnd,  which means that mysqlnd will be compiled anyway into php engine, this is annoying especially if you don't plan to use mysql.

Now in order to disable mysqlnd build we need to edit the following two file in lang/php53  or lang/php5x where x is the minor php version:

vi (vim) commands, examples

the world of vi (vim) is different from other editors.. this makes it special, some people don't recommend it for novice coders. thats because you need to know its commands, this post should give you ONLY a start point for using vim :)

down to business, well you may know or not yet that vim have different modes  probably as follows:


php-fpm slowlog option

Sometimes you wish if you could see under the cover and see why your webpage is slow, despite you've done all optimizations that come to your mind. however we (coders) are partially humans :) thats make us do some unintentional mistakes.Before you get your head against the wall please know about php-fpm slow log option which let php-fpm sniffs for slow piece of code ( certainly functions ) and it can be handy

To enable php-fpm to look for slow code in your web app, you need to activate it in ini file, for instance in debian:


sftp recursive option not working, solution

sftp recursive option not working, solution?!!


That was really unexpected invoking sftp (which is come with openssh client) was obviously straight forward, but unexpectedly  recursive option didn't work at least as documented :)

after digging a bit with the source code, this error seems to show when the path isn't exists, but when I created the path for the sftp program, it never complains

lets review how to invoke sftp:
with its simplest form

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